Simplify document scanning and digitization.

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Simplify document scanning and digitization.

Industry first offline AI based OCR, Image Enhancement, Face Match & Liveness detection capabilities.

Digital KYC Fraud Prevention Typing-Free OCR Scanning
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a mobile image showing the NetraScan dashboard with many pdf options for scanning documents

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Netra Scan Features
Digital Customer On-Boarding System

For instant and digitised customer onboarding. Frictionless and seamless Verification of Aadhar, PAN, cKYC identifier number, Driving License, Passport etc., to complete eKYC, cKYC.

Industry first AI based offline OCR

Enables to convert the text within an image or scanned document into fully editable text using AI based OCR technology and automatically fills the requisite forms to onboard the customer with minimum human intervention.

Netra Scan Features
Image Enhancement

Inbuilt auto enhancing ensures the texts and graphics in scanned documents are clear, sharp with premium colors and resolutions. Grey scale mode for size reduction.

Netra Scan Features
Face matching & Liveness Detection

Frictionless software-based biometric authentication for face matching and liveness detection to validate and authenticate digital KYC.

Netra Scan Features
Digital library

Allows to digitize all your documents using the phone camera. Business cards, whiteboard discussion, Invoice, Certificates, Legal Documents etc. can be easily converted to digital formats.

Compression & Protection

Convert images, documents into PDF / JPEG formats. Optimises and compresses the documents upto 90% to reduce cost and storage. Documents are encrypted using the latest security methods for document security. Allows to add E-signature.

a mobile image showing the NetraScan dashboard for customer oboarding, ekyc and digital scanning


Empowered Governance and Control

Ensure better governance and control over the customer documents (KYC) by procurement of instant digital copies.

Instantaneous KYC Customer Onboarding

Save and store customer data in the file server as per business needs. Highly secure tech based solution for instantaneous KYC.

Customer Experiance

Collect and submit KYC documents on the go reducing the TAT for complex manual procedures to avail products and services. A complete transparent journey.

Easy Adoption

The intuitive interface of the app ensures easy adoption. Avoids procuring expensive equipment and additional work force. Helps reducing operational costs and increases efficiency.

Futurist Approach

Designed and built to evolve with emerging technologies like AI-ML, and perform at a pace intended for the growth of your business.

Deployment Mode

Application can be deployed on stand alone mobile device on premise and cloud mode

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