Capture new leads and stay on top of existing leads with LeadPro. Quick-glance drill-down dashboards ensure complete real-time grasp over lead status.


Lead Creation
Different lead creation forms for different products/product portfolios ensured capturing of relevant information while creating a lead.

Active Dashboard of Leads
Active dashboard shows the current status of leads on basis of lead source, lead stage, lead conversion etc. Tap on any element to drill down to details.

Leads by Product Portfolio
Multiple product portfolios may call for different ways in which the leads are to be analysed. Lead pro facilitates different views of leads for different product.

Planning & Lead interaction
Built-in calendar feature allow the sales people to plan activities and lead interactions. Record and maintain a view of all the interactions with a lead i.e. review, phone call or follow-up.

Omni Channel Lead Capture
Single channel that capture leads across channels like CRM, Website, Call-centre and mobile application.


Leads from Multiple Sources
Lead Pro aggregates leads from multiple sources so that they can be assigned to salespeople. Leads can be tracked by source to gauge source effectiveness.

Keep track of all leads
A complete track of all leads assigned to salespeople are available to them in various buckets as per the lead stage

Performance Monitoring
Ready dashboards and reports ensure continual performance monitoring.

Lead Interaction
Complete lead interaction history can be maintained and referenced for sales calls.

Scheduled follow-ups
Salespeople can schedule follow-ups on their leads. This, combined with a complete history of lead interaction allows salespeople to have relevant conversation and drive towards closure..more


Turn your dealers into trusted partners with M-Dealer solution. M-dealer ensures unmatched connect of your dealer network with your organizations. Dealers enthusiastically adopt mDealer solution for product tutorials, sales promotions, trade promotions, stock ordering and self-service.


Sales & Distribution
The complete sales force automation & governance to manage your for primary and secondary sales function.

Dealer Management
Empower your Dealer network to manage their daily activities and incentives.

Utilities (Water, Gas, Power)
Digitize your Meter Reading, Spot Billing, and Overdue collection empower your customers with a CRM on a single platform integrated with SAP.


Empowered Dealer Network
Dealers can themselves check up on the status of their orders, status of payments, loyalty points, dealer promotion, customer promotions etc

Minimize Routine Queries
Minimize routine queries from your dealer network on order status, payments status, promotional activities etc

Product Tutorials
Educate the dealer network on the right uses of products, their advantages, their USPs , alternative uses etc. using product tutorial videos and articles.

Grievance Redressal and Feedback
Provide a mechanism tor the dealers to give feedback, voice their opinions, log issue tickets.

Dealer Loyalty
Drive Dealer loyalty by engaging dealers via contest promotion, loyalty points etc. through the app

Enhanced Dealer Engagement

Engage dealers with up-to-date information on the company, products, promotions etc.


The complete solution for your mobile Sales Force. Plan and execute your sales strategy with complete visibility of on-ground activities


Activity Calendars
Activity calendars with configurable Journey Plans, Route Plans and Beat Plans to ensure that the sales reps are on top of what to do next...more

View of Inventory
Capture orders for both primary and secondary sales through the mobile app. Integrations with the company's core billing systems ensures that information of SKUs, Pricing and applicable promotions are accurate and up-to-date...more

Market Intelligence
Sales reps can capture intelligence gathered from the field such as Competitors Promotion Schemes, their market operating prices etc.

Issues and Feedback
The sales reps can capture Issues and Feedback as reported by the retailer/dealer and follow them up for closure

Minutes of the Meeting
For each visit to a dealer or retailer, the sales rep can capture the Minutes of the meeting and also refer to the same in subsequent visits to support relevant and coherent discussions...more


Sales Discipline
Encourages sales discipline, backed with metrics like journey plan compliance, target Vs. achievement etc.

Market Coverage
Enables superior market coverage with Geo-tagged locations, data on visit frequency etc.

Prevent Lost Sales
Having access to warehouse inventory positions, sales reps can steer orders towards available SKUs and enable back ordering when required.

Market Pulse
Enables decision makers to collate market intelligence gathered from the field and take informed strategic and tactical decisions

Educated Sales Team
The "marketing desk" ensures that sales reps always have access to product knowledge, sales and trade promotions and other helpful resources.


The utimate information dissemination tool. Organizations use Mobicule m-Broadcast to drive Trainings, Learning & Development initiatives and inter-team communications. Cutting-edge security features ensures that data is shared only with intended recepients and cannot go outside your organization.


Time Management
Attendance, tasks, calendar, reporting

Approval Workflows
Leave, Reimbursements, Reminders & Assignment

Messaging, Broadcast, Feedback, Survey, Quizzes

Easily analyse content consumption Ex: number of viewers for any content, most popular content, list of users who have not accessed the content etc...more



FI | PV | TV
Field investigation, Per - verification & technical verification to capture borrower, co-borrower, guarantor and collateral details.

Digital KYC
Instant onboarding of borrower, E-KYC(Aadhar), D-KYC(OCR) and Video KYC, face detection and liveliness.

Credit Verification and Scoring
Fetch credit scores from CIBIL/Equifax and other financial institute. Integrate with local CIF for analysis and dedupe.

Credit Risk Analysis & Deviations
Single window view of all credit parameters and deviations for better decision making and risk analysis.

Loan underwriting
EMI calculation, sanction and disbursement update to CORE banking system.

Post Disbursement Documentation
LOS program can track funding and ensure that all necessary documents are executed before or together with funding.