Connect with employees anywhere anytime

Enterprise Communication is taking on a new dimension with msales - broadcast, an effective way to stay connected with employees on the road. msales-Broadcast makes learning easier, motivates further learning, and encourages knowledge sharing and gathering. Perhaps most important, the universal accessibility of this technology enables individual staff members to receive support at critical moments, an obvious help to technical field personnel and salespeople.



Content SyncContent Sync

Supported content types - Videos, Audio, images, excel, word, pdf.


Gather Feedback on content shared, Rate the content


Quiz on various trainings to analyze the impact, with option of adding multiple choice questions


Sending messages in case of emergency or announcements

Scheduled Auto playScheduled Auto play

Set a time fo the content to autoplay at the scheduled time

User ManagementUser Management

Admin and Local admin rights to Add, Modify and Block users, create groups of users


View analytics information on content consumption, quiz/feedback results.


  • Making Content Universally Accessible—Any Time, Anywhere

  • Increasing Knowledge Retention and Saving Time .

  • Enable employee interaction with feedback & ratings

  • Real time analytic & assessment at the central location.